Are Personal Branding and / or Intellectual Property Egomaniacal Fetishes?

Some people have told me before that they think I have an ego problem — I’m guessing these people simply (or at least primarily) don’t appreciate my sense of humor.

Yet there are also other people — people who appear to groom their own online identities in order to seem fashionable and / or chic — and they do this 24/7/365. If there is a blemish on their Facebook page (such as an off-color comment from yours truly), they sanitize their so-called “public” identity (I put public in quotes to underscore how lost such people are — this version of their persona is in fact the property of the Facebook company, rather than being something they actually dictate).

Yet these wanna-be dictators still insist on cleansing my appearance which seems to be entirely below their gold-standard of discourse. Believe it or not: I don’t actually have a problem with this.

What I do have a problem with is people telling me that I have an ego problem. So let me explain how I think they’ve got this issue entirely bass ackwards. Let’s say you have “your own” website — maybe “”. You post everything related to you at that website, so that the whole world can come visit your site and pay homage to how wonderful you are. I would say that 99% of websites are of this type.

My websites are different. They are not about me — no, rather: they are about us. When I make a website about songs or movies or books or business ideas or whatever, then such websites are not about me. They are about things… — and about how you and I, and other people too, relate to such ideas.

I feel like when people say that I have an ego problem, it is very much like that example William James gave when he introduced the concept of “pragmatism“. Whether the squirrel in his example goes around the tree or not depends on “what you mean” when you say “going around the tree”. The way I see it, I do not have an ego problem, but other people may very well have such issues.

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