Every Brand Name is an Echo Chamber — Brand Names are the Boxes (Echo Chambers) that the Wisdom of the Language Thinks Outside of

David Weinberger has a neat-o post about how he loves the dailykos.com (being a warm, fuzzy, comfortable echo chamber). I couldn’t care less about dailykos.com — because in my opinion “dailykos” is nothing more than a brand name… and when I realized that, then it hit me like a brick: All brands are echo chambers.

I decided to “look up” echo chamber. Before I plugged the string into google.com, I pondered: would wikipedia.org be at the top, or would it be urbandictionary.com? Both merely brand names (as is google), and likewise they’re both (all three in fact) echo chambers. Wikipedia won out (as do most google properties when searching on google.com — you should never forget that most of wikipedia’s money comes directly from google… probably because they want at least 1 one non-”Wisdom of the Language” result that isn’t ridiculous, and also because the google guys are willing to throw some table scraps to the GooTard fan boys to keep them devoted loyalists).

What is, however, fascinating is that both echochamber.com and echochamber.ch also beat out urbandictionary.com (your mileage may vary, of course). Also listed in the top 10 results was echochamber.me — aka “Forums for the webcomic xkcd.com”.

In my opinion: Brand names are the boxes (echo chambers) that the Wisdom of the Language thinks outside of. :)

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