Social Media Impact

Today, I came across two articles that are both about the impact of social media. Well, one I had already heard about some time ago, but the write-up about “How Social Media Wound Up Costing $80,000” underscored what can happen if someone is unaware of how both good news and also bad news can spread rather quickly on social media. Indeed, since people often become more upset about bad news, it can spread more quickly, more widely and have even more of an impact than good news.

The other article, published today, underscores this phenomenon. In an attempt to spread “good news”, Samsung’s marketing team “Spent Nearly $20 Million on Ad Time—and Got Product Placement for Galaxy Phone“. The Wall Street Journal reports details about the entire attempt to show the smartphone in a favorable light, thereby turning this “good news” story into a “bad news” story. Only a few articles at are available for free public viewing, and this is one of them. The plot is obvious: it is an attempt to get more advertising dollars from Samsung, a sort of threat along the lines of “if you don’t advertise here, we may very well launch more smear campaigns”.

At any rate: While there are very many cases of social media spreading bad news quickly and widely, there are only very few cases of it bringing good news to the light of day. If you are going to use such mainstream media websites, then it’s a good idea to remember what kind of impact the choice to use it (and also how you choose to use it) may have.

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